1. What are cookies (cookies)

In order to function, our Website needs some information about its users. We collect it by using cookies. These are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit our Website. As a general rule, the information gathered through the use of cookies does not allow the user to be identified. If this is possible, we will notify you in advance and we will only collect such information if you explicitly agree to do so.

2. Which cookies does our Website, what their destination is, and how long each of them is stored on your device.

2.1 Required Cookies

These cookies are needed to make the website work properly and can not be excluded in our systems. They are usually set to trigger in response to an action on your part, often requesting a service, such as setting up your privacy preferences, entering or filling out a form. You can set your browser to block or notify you about the availability of cookies, but in some cases some parts of the site will not work. These cookies do not store personally identifiable information.

2.2 Cookies from external services

On different pages of our website, you can meet content owned by third parties such as YouTube, Google, Facebook or others. We inform you that we have no control over the cookies used by the third parties concerned. More information about them can be found on the relevant sites.

2.3. Tracking and tracking information.

This site uses the analytics services. This service may create cookies that collect anonymous usage data. This data is used for preparing statistics and optimizing site performance.

3. Your options - how to control cookies

You have the ability to restrict or delete cookies created by this website through your browser settings.
Excluding the use of cookies for this site may cause problems or loss of functionality in general, so it is strongly not advisable.