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Interactive website for your building
No coding!

Hey you, choose a floor!


Interactive website

Your new site is a few mouse clicks away.

Custom Themes

Yes, you could have it in blue! Or green...


Add interaction feature to your website.

Own Portal

You have no website? Let us build one just for you!


A detailed analytics of how many people have visited your buildings.

(A real-time example for one of our demo buildings)


How It Works

1. Get the data ready

Needed Data:

  • a building view image
  • floor plan images for all floors
  • some data - area, exposure, bathrooms....

2. Input the data

In 9 steps, you will provide information about your building in a guided step-by-step procedure.


3. Share

Your building website is ready to be shared.

Who should use this?

A. Investors

B. Agents

C. Managers

Why Us

Save Money

Reduce costs up to 100 times

Save time

Publish your building online within minutes

Agile data

Update anytime your building data

No Coding

Anyone can make it
Try it yourself

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