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0 EUR /  forever

Buildings: 1

  • Floors per building: 4
  • Premises per floor: 8
  • Selapt page
  • Themes

Properties: 2


15 EUR /  monthly

Buildings: 4

Properties: 10

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* for 14 days


30 EUR /  monthly

Buildings: 5

Properties: 20

Portfolio website

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User accounts are free and will be forever free.


Subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis and payments are not automatic. So if you need to cancel your subscription all you need to do is not paying for a plan.


If you stop paying for a subscription your account will be automatically downgraded to a free account. All buildings and elements which do not comply with free plan specifications will become unpublished.


Unpublished elements appear when your account subscription plan has been transferred from one plan to another. Those are all elements which do not comply with your new plan specifications. They will not show anywhere - on, embed, portfolio website, etc. After some time, all unpublished elements are deleted forever!


After a successful sign up to a subscription plan, automatically checks and publishes all elements that comply with the plan that you have signed up for. For example - if you have buildings with 20 and 10 floors and you sign up to a plan that could have a building with maximum 14 floors, this means that building with 10 floors will be instantly published, but the building with 20 floors will remain unpublished. To keep it simple - if you sign up to a subscription plan that you have already used before or some with higher specifications, all your elements will be automatically published.

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