SELAPT.COM is an interactive platform that provides services for sharing information in the field of real estate, related to the visualization of buildings, plans and layouts of buildings, information about individual parts of the building and more. For brevity, from now on all the information available on the site will be called Content.

These general terms and conditions regulate the relations between Viter LTD, hereinafter referred to as in the contract "Provider" and users of the SELAPT.COM, hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMERS".

*updated - 22.01.2021

1. Name of the Provider: Viter LTD
2. VAT number: BG 115765861
3. Address of management: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Viter LTD is registered and operating according all regulations of the European Union.

1) The Provider provides the User with the use of a software platform for sharing content related to buildings and parts thereof via the Internet.
2) The provider provides only digital services. No physical goods or services are sold on this site.


The SELAPT.COM platform enables its Users to use it as registered or unregistered users. Depending on this, they get access to different functionalities. In general, unregistered Users have access to view information, and registered Users have access to enter, edit and delete information. Use of the platform is entirely voluntary. In all cases of using the platform, the Users declare their agreement with these general conditions, our privacy policy and personal data protection.

1) In order to register the User must fill in a registration form.

a. A valid email address is required for registration, which is confirmed. Confirmation is done by sending a link to the email address provided during registration. The user has a deadline within which he must confirm his email address. Otherwise, all data entered during registration will be deleted.
b. In the registration form the User must indicate the type of account he wants to create. More about the types of accounts - see item 3).
c. After confirming the registration, the user-created profile becomes active and he can log in.
d. If the User has registered with an account type "Offer", then he is automatically subscribed to a free subscription plan.
e. The user undertakes to use correct and up-to-date data during his registration.
f. In case of change of some of the provided data, the User must edit the changed data in due time.
g. SELAPT.COM shall not be liable in the event of incorrect, invalid or outdated data, as well as any losses and lost profits caused by such data entered.

h. [Added - 09.10.2020] The user has the right to use an email address as a username, but this is highly not recommended in view of the security and confidentiality of personal data. selapt.com does not bear any responsibility for property and non-property damages related to this circumstance.
2) By using the SELAPT.COM platform, the User agrees to the storage of small portions of information (cookies) related to the normal functioning of the site on the device from which he uses the platform. For more information about what they contain and what they are used for on the site, see the "Cookie Policy" section.
3 *) Registration of two types of users is possible in the SELAPT.COM platform. The difference in account types is given in the following table:


Add, edit and delete Content
Use only with a subscription plan
Creating messagesNO
Inquiries for premises
Account data management

* updated - 17.08.2020
4) Entering, editing and deleting content can only be done through the site WWW.SELAPT.COM. The visualization of the data can be done in any way chosen by the user, as long as it is in the technical capabilities of the site
5) The user has the right to use the SELAPT.COM platform in good faith and for its intended purpose.
6) The User is prohibited to:
a. Publishes, distributes or provides in any way, data, messages, text, computer files or other materials that are contrary to law, applicable foreign laws, current conditions, Internet ethics or good manners and which violate the rights of third parties such as:
b. Publishes and disseminates information constituting a trade, official or personal secret or other confidential information;
c. Publishes and disseminates information with unclear copyrights or related rights, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights, property rights, as well as any other property or non-property rights or legitimate interests of third parties;
d. Publish, distribute or provide software or other computer files that contain viruses or other risky programs or their components.
e. Publishes or transfers pornographic and illegal material.
f. Publishes data, messages, text, computer files or other materials containing a threat to human life and physical integrity, promoting discrimination, preaching a fascist, racist or other undemocratic ideology, the content of which violates human rights or freedoms under the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Bulgaria or international acts calling for a forcible change of the constitutional order, for the commission of a crime, etc.
g. Publishes false or misleading information about buildings and / or parts of it
7) The User agrees not to use the SELAPT.COM platform to send unsolicited commercial messages - "SPAM".
8) The "Offering" type users choose the subscription plans they want to use. By choosing, they agree with all the technical specifications of the respective subscription plan.
9) Upon expiration of the subscription plan, and non-renewal of this subscription plan by the Users of the type "Offer", they are automatically registered for a free subscription plan.
10) SELAPT.COM has the right to unilaterally and without notice delete any Content that does not meet the technical characteristics of the current subscription plan of the User.
11) When using the SELAPT.COM platform, the User must not use software, scripts, programming languages ​​or other technologies that could create difficulties in its use by other Users.
12) The SELAPT.COM platform generates all links in itself, dynamically. Manually writing sub addresses in the platform is highly not recommended. The Platform is not to blame for Content generated using handwritten addresses. If this Content causes logical errors and impedes the operation of the platform for other Users, then SELAPT.COM has the right to block or delete this Content without notice.
13) The User has no right, by manually entering addresses, to try to create, edit or delete Content that is not authored by himself. In case of detection of such actions by a User, his account may be blocked or deleted without notice.
14) The user independently guarantees and ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements of the activity performed by him and the use of the software platform SELAPT.COM.
15) Each User holding an account of the type "Offer" is obliged to guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the Content created by him, which he publishes on the platform.
16) The content, whether graphic or textual, published by the Users, is considered to be the legal property of the User who publishes it.
17) The User undertakes to use the SELAPT.COM platform in a way that does not infringe the rights of third parties, including rights to trademarks, designs and other types of intellectual property.
18) In order to improve the quality of the SELAPT.COM platform, perform prevention, troubleshooting and other related activities, the Provider has the right to temporarily limit or suspend the provision of the SELAPT.COM platform.
19) In the cases under item 18 the Provider is obliged to promptly restore the provision of the SELAPT.COM platform after the circumstance, which is the reason for the suspension, has ceased to exist.
20) The provider takes measures to protect the personal data of the User in accordance with Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (GDRR) and the Personal Data Protection Act. The Provider processes the personal data of Users on the grounds of art. 6, ala. 1, p. "B" of GDRP - the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the entity is a party.
21) The provider has published information on the personal data it processes and the purposes for which they are processed, as well as all required information under Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (GDRR) in the Mandatory Information on the Rights of Personal Data Protection, available here, which is an integral part of the General Conditions and with which the User declares by accepting these general conditions that he has read and agrees.
22) The user of a service is obliged to independently ensure compliance with the requirements for protection of personal data in the activity and declares that he has taken such actions that have ensured his compliance.
23) For reasons of security of the personal data of the Users, the Provider will send the data only to the e-mail address, which was indicated by the Users in their Profile.
24) The Provider does not process personal data of the User for marketing purposes, except with the explicit consent of the User.
25) The User agrees that the Provider may send him emails regarding the provision of the service, improvement of the functionalities, promotional messages for the specific User and others related to the performance of the contract.
26) At any time before, during or after the provision of the SELAPT.COM platform, the Provider has the right to require the User to identify himself and certify the authenticity of each of the circumstances and personal data announced during registration.
27) In the event that for any reason the User has forgotten or lost his name and password, the Provider has the right to apply the announced "Procedure for lost or forgotten names and passwords", available on the website of the platform SELAPT.COM.
28) The Provider undertakes to provide the use of the software platform, in accordance with the functionality announced on the website of the platform SELAPT.COM.
29) The Provider provides the software platform according to the specifications defined on the site of the platform SELAPT.COM and is not responsible for its compliance with new operating systems, browsers or technologies on the Internet.
30) The Provider has the right to make unilateral changes in the functionality and interface of the SELAPT.COM platform, without prior notice to the User.
31) The Provider has no control over the profiles used for the operation of the SELAPT.COM software platform, which are used by the User. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Provider undertakes only to ensure the technical and software operation of the software platform and does not have access to the information contained therein, which is the result of the User's activities.
32) The user uses the software platform SELAPT.COM through the domain selapt.com
33) The Provider provides the necessary resources for storage of the Content of the Users, according to the current subscription plan of the Users
34) The Provider has no obligation to check and validate the legitimacy of the Content entered by the Users.
35) The Provider has the right to delete without warning Content whose unreliability and invalidity has been proven. Accounts of Users who provide false or invalid content may be blocked or deleted if they do not voluntarily remove the invalid Content they have provided.
36) The Provider has the right to unilaterally terminate the subscriptions of Users who systematically violate the General Terms, after prior notification of the email specified in the profile. In such cases, the Provider does not owe any indemnities or compensations to the User
37) The Provider does not control and does not bear any responsibility for the actions of the Users.
* added on 09.03.2020
38) Loyalty program. SELAPT.COM has a loyalty program in two different variants.
Option 1 - Users who invite other users. As a result, they both receive one free month to use. The free month is added automatically when ordering plans. If a User invites more than one person, he / she simultaneously receives a bonus month for each person he / she has invited.
Option 2 - Marketing users. Anyone who wants to be a marketing consumer states this in advance, through one of the communication channels. Every user that a marketing user brings is forever connected to the marketing user who brought him. As a result, the marketing user receives 50%** of the first three orders for a subscription plan that the lead user makes. The amounts are accumulated with the marketing user's account and can be withdrawn from there whenever he wishes, by bank transfer or through various funds transfer services.
Amounts by bank transfer will be transferred only for accounts that have bank accounts from officially accredited banking institutions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
* added on 08.04.2020

**updated on 06.03.2020
39) Making copies of own or foreign objects already entered in the platform is considered to be unscrupulous use. Entered copies may be deleted without notice.
* added on 03.06.2020
40) The use of images with watermarks is allowed as long as the watermark is located in one of the corners of the image, does not occupy more than 20% of the total area of ​​the photo and does not interfere with its visual perception. Images that do not comply with this restriction may be removed from the platform without prior notice.

added on 27.04.2021
41) The platform has functionality for entering buildings with data of Users and subsequent transfer of ownership of the entered building in favor of the User. The purpose of the transfer itself are all rows in the database related specifically and exclusively to the building itself, as well as the media files of the building itself - pictures with images, spreadsheets and more. The Platform ensures that all information will be properly and fully transferred to the User, according to the mechanism of operation cited below. Mechanism of work: 

  1. In order to use the service, the User must be registered with a "Offer" type account.
  2. The user declares by means of a special button that he asks for assistance in entering his building or in writing by e-mail.
  3. A team from the platform processes this request and contacts the User to clarify details and provide an offer for the introduction itself.
  4. Upon approval of the offer by the User, he should provide documents and media files mentioned below.
  5. After providing them, a team from the platform will assess the compliance of the provided materials / images with the required resolution, reliability of the information, etc./. If there are any remarks or omissions, they will be discussed with the User.
  6. In the absence of comments on the information provided, a team from the platform will prepare a final assignment, including the number of floors, the number of rooms for each floor, type floors, if any, and all the structural information about the building. In addition, it will prepare a link for payment in paypal, ePay.bg or pro forma invoice, according to the preferences of the User.
  7. Payments are made in two parts - 80% in advance before the start of the introduction and 20% after the approval of the building by the User.
  8. By making a payment, the User agrees with the structure of the building provided in the assignment in point 6. After receiving the payment changes in the structure itself / number of floors for example, apartments per floor, etc./ will not be reflected.
  9. After the introduction of the building, the User may make adjustments before the final handover of the building, as long as these adjustments are not related to a change in its structure. For example: a non-structural change is a change in the area or exposure of a room. Structural change is a change in the number of rooms for a given floor, a change in the number of floors, a change from type to non-type floor and all that are described in the assignment from point 6.
  10. After the final approval by the User or lack of response and / or significant remarks by him within 7 days, the building is transferred to the User and he assumes responsibility for its maintenance and updating. With the transfer, we will prepare a new link or pro forma invoice to pay the remaining 20% ​​of the amount to be entered. Once the transfer is complete, the selapt.com Platform Team cannot make any adjustments.


Documents and media files needed to enter a building:

  • General view of the building - photo or 3D visualization / jpeg, png, gif, etc./
  • Architectural plans of all floors in digital image format / jpeg, png, gif, etc./
  • Table with the areas of the individual rooms
  • If the premises have basements, attics, parking lots or other ancillary or service rooms - a table showing which of them belongs to the main room.

In case of problems in the payment for the building entry service, the selapt.com platform may delete the buildings that have been entered through a prior warning. 

The introduced buildings are treated equally with all other buildings. The platform is not responsible for entered logically incorrect data or those that are subject to copyright of third parties. The legality and expediency of the data is the responsibility of the User who requested the introduction.
Payments made for the commissioning of buildings cannot be refunded.

1) In the digital platform WWW.SELAPT.COM, Users purchase only digital services. The Platform does not provide or deliver any physical goods or services.
2) The platform provides a trial account to anyone who registers with a "Offer" type account. This account gives full access to all services provided by the platform. When purchasing services from the platform, it is considered that the User has made an informed choice for all types of services and the way of their use personally testing with the trial subscription plan.
3) The value of the purchased services from WWW.SELAPT.COM is refundable only in case of impossibility to provide the purchased service, only if the reasons for the difficulty are not part of the described reasons for which the provider is not responsible according to these General Terms of Use
* edited 13.04.2020
4) The User pays the Provider a fee, according to the selected subscription plan on the site of SELAPT.COM, if this subscription plan is not free.
5) In order to be able to make payments for services or subscription plans in WWW.SELAPT.COM, the User must enter valid information about a tax subject, be it a natural or legal person. The platform considers that the User enters this data correctly, does not check it and cannot correct the already issued invoices.
6) After receiving the respective payment from the User, the Provider issues an invoice, which is in electronic form with the current data about the tax subject indicated in the User's profile at the time of ordering a service or subscription plan. The issuance of invoices is up to 5 working days after receiving the payment. The issued invoice is sent in electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the user when registering on the site.
7) The User may use only the payment methods specified on the SELAPT.COM website.
* edited 13.04.2020
8) The payment of a subscription plan is made in EUR or BGN, depending on the chosen payment method.
9) Invoices are issued only in BGN or EUR currencies.
10) Subscription plan payment mechanism.
a. The user requests a subscription plan for which he wishes to use.
b. Applying for a subscription plan means that the User agrees with all conditions and technical specifications in it.
c. The user can request only a subscription plan, with a priority that is equal to or greater than that of his current plan.
d. If the user uses a free subscription plan at the moment, then the date until which the subscription requested by him will be valid is the current date with the addition of the term of the subscription plan. For example, if the date is 15.08 and a plan with a term of 1 month is requested, then the date until which the plan will be active will be 15.09, inclusive.
e. If the user uses a subscription plan, which is valid until 15.09 and declares a new plan with a term of 1 month, then his subscription plan will be extended until 15.10. If a new subscription plan with greater characteristics than the current one has been requested, the new requested subscription plan becomes active as soon as the payment has been successfully completed. For example, on 15.08, Plan A was announced with a validity period of 1 month - ie. The user uses plan A, valid until 15.09. On 20.08 the User requests and pays for plan B (with greater characteristics) for a period of 1 month. Thus, Plan B becomes active as soon as the payment is completed successfully. The new date until which he pays will be active is 15.10. In this case, the remaining days of Plan A are credited as a bonus and automatically and free of charge are transferred to Plan B.
f. When ordering a new plan, SELAPT.COM expects a timely choice of payment method, or refusal (closing the page).
* edited 13.04.2020
g. When using payment with the E-PAY system or when paying by bank transfer, the platform generates a payment valid for the date on which the payment is requested, and the validity period is charged from that date. For example, if the page is loaded on 15.08, but the payment is made on 17.08, the subscription plan will be valid on 15.09. For the time between the application and the actual payment of the subscription plan, it is considered that the User has subscribed to the subscription plan, which was valid at the time of ordering a new subscription plan.
h. When using the PAYPAL system, the platform automatically recalculates the validity period each time the user selects this payment method. For example, if the page is loaded on 15.08, but the User chooses the method of payment on 16.08, then the active term will be until 16.09, instead of 15.09.
i. In any case, the SELAPT.COM platform processes only the status of payments, such as the one sent by the payment system selected by the User. SELAPT.COM is not responsible for errors, delays or incorrect data resulting from the use by the User of these platforms.
11) The system allows a grace period of 3 days, upon expiration of a subscription plan, in which the plan selected by the User will be active.
12) WWW.SELAPT.COM has the right to send notifications to Users whose subscription plans expire in the next 5 days or have already expired and are in the grace period. Notifications will be sent once a day.
13) In case of non-payment of the subscription plan, after the expiration of the grace period, the system automatically returns the User to one of the free subscription plans. In this case, any Content or information of the User that does not meet the technical parameters of the new subscription plan will be frozen - will not be visible on the page, but will be reported. Content that has been "frozen" for more than a month will be automatically deleted. In these cases, the Provider is not responsible for loss of data or other information, damage to commercial reputation, damage or lost profits.
* Added 19.06.2020
14) The platform offers payment for various additional services. These payments are one-time and indefinite.
When the payment for an additional service is related to an object entered in the platform / building and / or property / this payment is valid only for the object for which it is paid and is not transferred to other objects.
If the site is removed by its author or is removed from the system due to a lack of a plan subscription, or because it does not meet the criteria set out here, payment will not be refunded.

1) This contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

1) The Provider is not responsible for the activity of the User in the use of the software platform, domains and intellectual property provided under this contract.
2) In the event of a complaint from a third party about the use of the SELAPT.COM platform in violation of legal provisions, rules of morality or the provisions of these general conditions, the parties agree that the Provider has the right to temporarily restrict the provision of the service or access to the information of the User until clarification of the case.
3) The User is responsible for all actions and possible violations of applicable law, regardless of whether these actions and violations are committed by the User or a third party to whom the User has provided the management of his account in the SELAPT.COM platform.
4) The User undertakes to indemnify and release from liability the Provider in case of lawsuits and other claims of third parties (whether justified or not), for all damages and costs (including attorney's fees and court costs) arising from or in connection with 1) non-fulfillment of any of the obligations under this contract, (2) infringement of copyright, production, broadcasting rights or other rights on intellectual or industrial property, (3) illegal transfer to other persons of the rights granted to the User, for the term and under the terms of the contract, (4) violation of the applicable requirements for consumer protection or (5) carrying out activity in violation of the applicable legislation.
5) The provider is not responsible in case of inability to provide connectivity or operation of technical equipment during a certain period of time due to force majeure, accidental events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities.
6) The Provider is not liable for damages caused by the User to third parties.
7) The Provider is not responsible for property or non-property damages, expressed in lost profits or damages caused to the User in the process of use or unused on the SELAPT.COM platform.
8) The Provider is not responsible for the time during which the SELAPT.COM platform has not been provided to the User due to force majeure or illegal actions against the technical equipment and software of the platform, including hacking and other similar effects.
9) In all cases, the liability of the Provider may not exceed the value of the quarterly subscription according to the subscription plan chosen by the User.
10) The Provider is not responsible in cases of overcoming the security measures of the technical equipment through which the SELAPT.COM platform is provided and this results in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restriction of access to information, change of information. information published on the User's websites and other similar consequences.
11) The Provider is not responsible in case of providing access to information, loss or change of data or parameters of the SELAPT.COM platform, occurred as a result of false identification of a third party, who presents himself as the User, if the circumstances can be judged that this person is the User.

1) This contract is terminated in the following cases:
a. C expiration of the term for which it has been concluded;
b. By mutual consent of the parties in writing;
c. In case of payment of the price by the User according to the selected subscription plan.
2) Each party has the right to terminate the contract early at any time by sending one month's written notice to the other party, including by e-mail.
3) In cases where the User has prepaid the price for the next period, the termination of the contract takes effect after the expiration of the prepaid period. In this case, the User cannot demand from the Provider a refund of the prepaid amounts.
4) The provider has the right at its discretion, without notice and without due compensation to terminate the contract unilaterally, if it finds that the services provided are used in violation of these general conditions, legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria or generally accepted moral and ethical. In this case, the Provider is not liable for damages to the User.

1) The existing general terms and conditions may be changed by the Provider, for which the latter will notify in an appropriate manner all registered Users of the SELAPT.COM platform.
2) The Provider and the User agree that any additions and amendments to these general terms and conditions will have effect on the User after the explicit notification of the Provider and if the User does not state within 14 days that he rejects them.
3) The User agrees that all statements of the Provider in connection with the change of these general conditions will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the User when registering for use on the SELAPT.COM platform. The user agrees that e-mails sent in accordance with this article do not need to be signed with an electronic signature in order to have effect on him.
4) The Provider publishes these general terms and conditions on the website of the SELAPT.COM platform together with all additions and amendments thereto.

1) All content of the SELAPT.COM platform, including all published texts, images, photos, videos, articles, interface elements, program code and brands (including the SELAPT.COM brand), except those created by the User , and those created by third parties (described in the "Technology" section of this page) are the exclusive property of the Provider and their use in any form without the express prior written consent of the Provider is prohibited.
2) When using the SELAPT.COM platform, the User does not acquire the right of ownership over the intellectual property objects of the Provider.
3) The User has no right to access the program data created through the SELAPT.COM platform and has no right to copy or modify it in any way. Any attempt by the User to access, copy or change the program code of the platform is considered a material violation of these General Terms and Conditions and the exclusive rights of the Provider over the platform SELAPT.COM.
4) In case of established infringement or in case of suspicion of infringement of the intellectual property rights of the Provider, the latter has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the use of the SELAPT.COM platform. In this case, the Provider is not liable for damage or loss of information of the User.
5) In case of infringement of the intellectual property rights of the Provider, the latter is entitled to compensation in full for the damages caused by the User.

1) In case of filing a complaint by the User to the Provider for non-compliance of the SELAPT.COM platform with these general conditions, the Provider shall respond to the complaint within 14 working days.
2) In the event of a dispute between the parties over this contract, the dispute shall be settled amicably through negotiations between the parties.
3) If the parties fail to resolve the disputes through negotiations under paragraph 1, all disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as and disputes about filling in gaps in the contract or adjusting it to new circumstances will be resolved by the Sofia District Court.

1) The Parties agree that all statements between them may be made in electronic form, including by e-mail, and that communications need not be signed with an electronic signature in order to be binding on the Parties.
2) The User agrees that the Provider has the right to make statements to the User through the interface of the SELAPT.COM platform.
3) In case of conflict between these general conditions and contracts in a special contract between the Provider and the User, the provisions of the special contract shall prevail.
4) The possible invalidity of any of the provisions of these general terms and conditions will not lead to the invalidity of the entire contract.
5) The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the issues not settled in this contract, related to the implementation and interpretation of this contract.
6) The existing general terms and conditions enter into force for all Users on 15.08.2018.

By using the selapt.com platform, Users agree to use the external services listed in this paragraph.
selapt.com has no responsibility for cookies or any other information that these services create on the technical resources used by the User. For questions and information about them, users should contact those who provide the service.
We use the services of CLOUDFLARE to ensure the speed and security of the platform.
2) Google Analytics & HotJar
We use analytical services, which in turn use the so-called cookies - text files that are stored on your computer and analyze the use of the site.
This data is anonymous and is used to create statistics on the use of the site, to analyze the load and to optimize the overall performance.
In addition, we use analytics services to provide the "Offering" accounts with data on the attendance of their buildings entered into the platform.
You can also prevent the transmission of data generated by cookies related to your use of the site, as well as the processing of this data, by downloading and installing the appropriate plug-in for your browser.
3) Facebook pixel
We use the services of Facebook Pixel so that we can better understand the interests of our audience, thus offering a better product for everyone who uses selapt.com