Selapt Demo Building

Finance Information

*all values are in: GBP

Current NET income

80 GBP/pcm

Possible NET income

430 GBP/pcm

Current occupancy

75 %

Current Income/Expenses ratio


CAP rate /occupancy: 90 %/

2.74 %

Price to rent ratio



ROI Per Month

70 %

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Discount Rate: 6%, Occpancy: 90%

90 %

6 %

Total DCF For Period: 24858 GBP

Total Monthly Rents: 1560.0 GBP


Total Start Costs: 31,500.00 GBP


A chart showing the total startup money needed divided into several major categories. You may add important notes as a comment/like this text here/.

Total Monthly Expenses: 1,130.00 GBP


A chart showing monthly costs divided into several major categories. Important notes could be also added as a comment.

Market Value: GB£120,000.00


This is a comment section about the price of the building. Here you could explain details about the price, how it formed, etc.

Income Share: 100 %


Income share is our concept for properties that are shared between a couple of investors. It determines in percents what part of the incomes will you take if you decide to invest in this property (or your share). For example, NET income is calculated like so: Total Profit = (Total Income - Total Expenses) * Income Share / 100 All numbers, charts and coefficient on that page are calculated with income share included. This is listed by the person who posts the ad.

About the building

Thank you for your interest in your platform!

How this representation was made?

First, we have "uploaded" our building.
It happens by entering data in web forms. Just a standard information about the building like address, floor plans and etc. No tech-guru experience needed and it takes about 20 minutes, depending on how big is your building.

After that, we have provided the financial data  - total cost, monthly expenses, etc.
This also happens by entering data in standard web forms.

And voila!

We have both our building representation which we could share with our clients and finance representation which we could share with our potential investors.

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How much does it cost?

Our prices starts from 0 EUR.

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!Please note, that only buildings which have rental premises on them are eligible to have finances presentation!

*This here is a fictional demo building for only for demonstration purposes!

About Us

Selapt is an online tool for creating interactive websites for buildings.

Our key advantages are:

  • You create websites for your buildings all by yourself. No tech-guru experience needed!
  • It is cost-efficient. Using it could cut expenses with up to 100 times.
  • No need to deal with technical issues such as hosting, domains, support, etc.
  • Charged on a monthly basis - whenever they do not need our service, they could just stop paying for it.
  • All data is dynamic. The platform allows users to edit and update data at any time.

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