Selapt Sample Building

Ground fl.1 fl.2 fl.3 fl.4



Sofia Center, Sofia ,Bulgaria



Climate Control:

AC system


Building is ready, all permissions


Concrete Construction


Start: February 2008
End: June 2012


Hello and welcome to SelApt!

За български - натиснете ТУК

This is our demo building representation. To create it, we used entirely and only SelApt service.

What do you need to create your own?

  • Register a builder account
  • A representation photo of your building 
  • Floor plans for all floors
  • Information about the premises - area, bedrooms count, bathrooms...

You will be asked to input your building's data in several input steps.

When you are done, we automatically connect all of the dots and generate your building website.

As result you will get four different ways to share your building:

Well... will it cost you a fortune, then?

Actually, our plans start from 0 EUR/month.

Check our prices page for our current subscription plans.

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Building News


Good news, Everyone! This is the first news about this building!

Created: Thursday, 07-Mar-2019 @ 07:21 | UTC
Last edit: Sunday, 07-Jul-2019 @ 09:17 | UTC


Yes, indeed - more news are yet to come!

Created: Thursday, 07-Mar-2019 @ 07:22 | UTC
Last edit: Sunday, 07-Jul-2019 @ 09:18 | UTC