Building Input Tutorial

Before you start

Images needed - a building representation and floor plans for all of the floors.
Data needed - area, exposure, bedrooms, bathrooms and etc.

The result you could check here.

You may always pause after each successful step and resume later.

Step 1 - Common building data


You will input the common data about your building like address, floors, building preview, etc.

You have to be careful when entering highlighted fields because that information could not be edited later.

Step 2 - Information About Floors


In this step, you have to provide base information about floors.

In selapt we have provided the opportunity to enter typical/identical/ floors. This will save you time because you have to input the data of the premises on typical floors just once.

As always, you have to be careful when entering highlighted fields because that information could not be edited later.

Step 3 - Upload Floor Plans


In the step, you will be asked to upload floor plans for all floors.

Floor plans must be a valid picture of any popular picture formats, but their width must be less than 1100px.

Step 4 - Enter Base Premises Data


Step 4 is about entering base premises data - names, prices and etc.
In selapt you could enter premises relation with the underground floors. This allows you to point easily where the premises parking spot is, for example."

Alright! Yes, we know that the data entering could be really annoying! We have implemented entering data with spreadsheets for some steps. Download the .xls file provided, input the data and upload it back to us. If you like, you could download our example .xls our "Tutorial Building" by clicking here.

Step 5 - Same Premises Sets


This step is optional and appears only if there are typical floors.
You have to point all identical premises on the those floors, grouping them in sets.
Data into this step could not be edited later.

Step 6 - Premises Details


In this step, you are required to input details about premises - area, transition, exposure and so on.
O11, O21, and O31 are entered only once because they are on a typical floor.

Like in step 4, here you could also input data with spreadsheet.
You may download the .xls file that we used for this step from here.

Step 7 - Premises Plans


You will have to provide plans for the premises.
If you don't have those images - just skip this step.

Step 8 - Outline floors


Here is where the fun part begins!
You will have to outline floors.
Use left click to create a point.
Right click on a point will remove it.

Step 9 - Outline premises


Last step. Just like the previous step, you will have to highlight the premises on each floor.
Typical premises are highlighted only once.

Alright, good work!

Your building is now ready to be shared.